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La Graciosa
Meat Goat Project




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La Graciosa 4-H
Market Goat Project

Project Leader: Ruth Metzler
Assistant Project Leader: Greg Metzler


Goat Video

Welcome to La Graciosa 4H Market Goat Project. This year will be our 3rd year as a project. We have our Registration Meeting at 7pm Nightingale school on September 10th.

This site will have our meetings listed, what we are doing and when we are doing it. I have handouts for people to check out and copies of the newsletter I send out once a month.

Ruth Metzler
Meat Goat Project Leader


The Estimated Cost for this project is about $450, not including housing. For the Following:

  • The pens need to be sturdy & strong - because goats climb up on everything.
  • Weathers range in price from $175 - $250
  • Average feed consumption for the duration of raising the goat - 1 bail of hay & approximately 9 bags of grain (1-2 pounds of feed twice per day). $135 in grain and $20 for hay. Grain brands available depend on where you live.
  • Probiotics Past - $14, a must have for every goat. Gets the stomach juices moving when goats are stressed or off feed.


Next Meeting:

April 13, 2010- Meet at the Metzler's, 4:30p. bring your goats for practice on Bracing and Walking. Also bring your Record Book to be filled in. We will be doing DNA testing also.

April 27, 2010- Project Mtg. @ Metzler's we will be working on walking so bring your chains. We will also be taking pictues to use at Fair. Filling out entries for Exhibit Day.

May 1, 2010 - Work Day @ Nojoqui park, we will be setting up our Goat Pens. Exhibit Day is the following Saturday.

May 4, 2010 - We will be walking our Goat and Bracing.

May 8, 2010 - Exhibit Day this is an all day event so please plan for it.

June we will be working on Decorations for Fair.



Past Meetings

October 16, 2009- Meeting at Metzler home 4pm. Receive Market Goat Manual and Livestock workbook. Read chapters 1- 3. Pick out 3 activities to do in chap. 2. Read chapter 4 for next months activity. Plann meetings for the rest of the year. Had rootbeer floats after meeting.


September 25, 2009- Metzler Home @4pm. We will be getting our Meat Goat Manual and a workbook to use this year. We will also be planning what we are doing this year. I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Some upcoming events:



  • Sanctioned by ABGA AND CJLA
  • Fairgrounds in Merced, CA
  • Judging: Open/Junior Show October 10, 2009
  • Judging: Open/Junior Show October 11, 2009
  • Release: Anytime
  • For more information contact: Sue Hobby or 209-632-4492 or 209-402-9068



Record Keeping Worksheets
Goat Workbook
Cuts of Meat Chart
Hoof Trimming
South African Boer Goat Standards

If you would like to see Video of goats you can click on the following:

Goats 1, Goats 2, Goats 3 Video4, Video5,


Web Sites that may help you with your project.
New York Sate.
Missouri State 
Colorado State
Penn State Mannual


California Breeders

Central Coast Boer Goats
Rawhide Boer Goats
Techachapi Mountion
Whiter Rail Boer Goats

LoveMN Ranch
Moonstone Ranch
Gold Country Boers
Millerick Boer Goats
Big T Ranch
Just Kidding Ranch
California Boer Goat Shows

Dairty Goats

Poplar Dairy Goats
Little Creek Ranch
Gilton Ranch
SDK Nigerian Dwarfs




American Dairy Goat Assc.
American Boer Goat Assc.
Goat Breeder Assoc.



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